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Inventory Terms & Conditions


Inventories which are compiled by MC INVENTORIES will offer a fair and accurate description of the property and its contents at the time of the appointment. The report will include any dilapidation and the general cleanliness of the property


At Check In, any additional notes will be added to the original inventory and updated accordingly. Our clerk will also record the meter readings for utilities such as Gas, Electricity, Water etc.

The clerk will meet the Tenant, go through any findings within the property, handle the keys as well as complete the schedule of condition and cleaning summary document, stating the general condition and cleanliness of the property. The Tenant’s signature will be added to those documents, only if the Tenant agrees with the findings.

Please note that MC INVENTORIES Clerks are not responsible for testing the below items. Should any faults be discovered, these should be reposted directly to the Agent/Landlord.

  • Testing burglars’ alarms and/ or alarm sensors

  • Testing boilers

  • Testing heaters

Please note that MC INVENTORIES Clerks are responsible for testing the below items. Should any faults be discovered, these will be recorded in the report. All actions will be carefully conducted, and MC INVENTORIES will not be financially responsible if any damages occur during these tests.

  • Testing smoke/ Co2/ heat detectors

  • Testing lights

  • Testing lamps

  • Testing appliances (If safe and where possible)

  • Testing light switches & sockets (If safe and where possible)

  • Testing keys and locks

  • Testing water supplies

  • Testing windows

Check Out's 

The check-out report will be used to determine the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy agreement, in relation to when the tenancy began. MC INVENTORIES will take into consideration any “Fair wear and tear” changes; however, any excessive dilapidations will be classified as “Tenant Liability”. Our clerk will also compare whether the cleanliness is similar to that of the Check In. (If the house was professionally cleaned at Check In but left uncleaned at Check out, it will be classified as “Tenant Liability”). No cleaning issues at Check Out will be apportioned to “Fair Wear and Tear”.

Upon the time of the Inspection, the Tenant must be ready to Check Out at the agreed time, with all the cleaning completed and personal items removed. Failure to do so, may result with an abort fee or a waiting charge. The Tenant should not keep copies of the keys nor the Tenant will be granted access to the property after the time of Check Out. Any items left by the Tenants will be classified as “Tenant Cost” and will incur costs to the tenant for removal.

The Tenant should sign over the same keys to the clerk at the Check Out, as was signed over at Check In. If the Tenant will not be present during the Check Out, all keys should be returned to the Agent and failure to do so may result in an abort fee. Any missing or damaged keys by the Tenant, will be recorded as “Tenant Cost”.

If MC INVENTORIES have been instructed to carry out a Check in or Check out report, where MC INVENTORIES did not carry out the Inventory or Check In report, the original report will be summarised, and a Check In or Check Out comment will be made if there have been any changes from the original report.

If no changes have been made to the condition of the item, the phrase “Refer to original report” will be used in the Check In note, and the phrase ‘As per Check In’ will appear in the Check-out column. In the absence of an original Inventory or Check In comment, where an item is found to be dilapidated at the Check-out, no liability can be apportioned.

In the absence of an original report at Check In or Check Out, only dilapidations will be noted in the relevant column, no comments will be made if the item is in good condition nor will comments be made to colours, fabrics, etc and again, no liability can be apportioned.

Check Out Descriptions

Our Check Out report will contain the following terminologies and liabilities, which have been described below:

  • Tenant Cost – Items which have been left in an unclean condition, items dilapidated in any way beyond fair wear and tear, when they were noted as good condition or clean at the check in. Also, any marks deemed beyond fair wear and tear, taking into consideration the length of the tenancy, number of occupants and condition at Check In. Items which have been removed from the property or are not in the correct place for check out will also be deemed as Tenant Liability.

  • As Per Check In – Items that are in the same condition at the Check Out as it was at the Check In and no further comments are deemed appropriate by the inventory clerk.

  • Landlord Aware – Any changes of the property which have been agreed or instructed by the Landlord or representative. Written permission will be recommended.

  • Landlord Information – Where dilapidations are beyond the control, influence or fault of the Tenant and maintenance may be required and brought to the Landlord’s attention. Items which have improved in condition during the tenancy, or items which have been replaced in a like for like capacity during the tenancy, also known as betterment, will also be included.

  • Fair Wear and Tear – Any marks deemed to be in line with fair use of the property during the tenancy, taking into consideration the length of the tenancy, number of occupants and the type of tenancy.

Kitchenware/ Accessories/ Matching Sets

Any items that are left within the property for Tenant’s use will be counted and noted as such. We will take into consideration the lifespan, durance and quality of those items, therefore at the end of the Tenancy Agreement, like for like replacements or betterment items will not be counted as “Tenant Cost”, unless those items have not been replaced or were damaged by the Tenant. MC INVENTORIES will not be accountable or responsible for any items that were not in the property at the time of the Inspection.

Miscellaneous Items

MC INVENTORIES will include but will not be inspecting the contents of any items such as (packed boxes, bin bags, containers, plastic boxes etc). Should an itemisation of the contents inside those items be required by the Agent/ Landlord/Tenant, the contents should be visible and arranged within the property. Our clerk will then inspect and itemise the contents, using accurate and detailed descriptions.


MC INVENTORIES will inspect and include any outside areas such as (Front and rear gardens, private patios, balconies etc), taking in consideration the seasonal and weather conditions at the time of the Inspection. Generally, it is expected that general garden maintenance (or any other given space) is carried out by the Tenant during the tenancy. The Tenant will therefore be held liable if the condition of the garden/balcony etc. does not match with the condition recorded at check In.

Plant Life

MC INVENTORIES will endeavour to mention any plants such as flowers, vegetables, trees etc. taking into consideration the seasonal condition and the perishability of those plants.

Lofts/ Attics/ Out Houses

MC INVENTORIES will inspect the property only to the extent that the condition of the premises permits. It only extends to the parts of the premises that are readily accessible. All other parts of the premises including lofts, attics and communal areas that are not relevant to the inventory, are specifically excluded. We will be inspecting garages, sheds and out houses only if access and permission has been given to us by the Agent/Landlord.

Windows and Doors

MC INVENTORIES will test the doors, locks (if keys are available) and windows of every room by opening and closing them. Should the clerk be unable or struggle to close a window or secure the property, the Agent/Landlord will be immediately notified. If the clerk gets locked within the property, the Agent/Landlord will be requested to attend the property immediately and give our clerk access out. If the inspection of the property was completed, our clerk will not wait for any arrangements or repairs to be made for the property to be secured.


Our Clerks of will not be responsible of the damage or misplacement of any keys once those have been successfully handed over/ handed back to any of the following parties involved: Tenant, Landlord/Agent. If a clerk of MC INVENTORIES loses, damages or fails to successfully deliver the keys upon a hand over/ hand back, we will take full responsibility and re-in burse any costs associated with the circumstances. In order to minimise those risks, our Clerks will be taking a photograph if/when the keys need to be dropped through a letter box or left in a safe place.

Meter Readings

It is the responsibility of our Clerks to locate, photograph and register any utility meters during any kind of property inspection. However, if those are difficult to locate or inaccessible, it is the Tenant’s/ Landlord’s/ Agent’s responsibility to provide those to their utility providers at the start/end of the Tenancy. If our clerk fails to comply, we will accept full responsibility and will re-visit the property to record any missing, wrong or poor recorded meters.

Smoke/ Co2/ Heat Detectors

Following the legal safety regulations, each property is required to have at least one smoke alarm on every floor in the property, where a room is used wholly or partly as living accommodation. A carbon monoxide alarm must be installed in any room containing a solid fuel-burning appliance, such as a wood burner, coal fire or biomass. Upon any kind of Property Inspection, it is mandatory that our clerks test all the smoke/co2/heat detectors within the property (where safely accessible). If these fail to work, the Agent/Landlord will immediately be contacted and informed, in order to follow the correct procedures.


Our Clerks are fully trained and instructed to test all the appliances within the property, to ensure these are fully functionable. Our reports will state “Tested and Working/ Tested for Power” for each individual appliance and if any are defect, do not work or if our clerk is unable to test them, that will be also be recorded within the inventory. Please note that our clerks will not attempt to test an appliance if there is a power shortage, a possible safety risk or if the appliance is known to be faulty. It is recommended that copies of operating manuals for appliances are left in the property for Tenant’s use. These will be noted and photographed in the body of our reports at both Check in and Check out.

Furniture Items

Where physically possible (taking in consideration the clerks’ safety and capability) furniture items such as bedside tables, chest of drawers, mattresses, sofas, chairs and tables, etc. will be moved, and the areas behind/beneath will be inspected. Where items cannot be moved, the area or items obstructed behind will not be fully inspected. However, should any damage be caused due to a move of furniture, MC INVENTORIES cannot be held responsible in any way, nor will MC INVENTORIES reimburse any persons for any damage caused to the property.

The following items, in most cases, will not be moved by MC INVENTORIES in the safety interests of our clerks, and to avoid damage caused to the property.

Although the above items have been outlined, whether or not we are able to move furniture, lays at the discretion of our clerks.

  • Heavy and solid wardrobes/beds

  • Damaged furniture items

  • Glass tables/ Dining items

  • Wall mounted items

  • Display cabinets

  • Iron or heavy wooden outside

  • Appliances and white goods (Including fridges and freezers)

Water Supplies

Where possible and safe, our clerks will test the water supply and performance of all flushes, taps and showers by turning them on and off. If any accidents or damages do follow upon these checks, MC INVENTORIES will immediately update the Agent/ Landlord in order to avoid any serious damages to the property. Should any damages arise, Clover Inventories cannot be held liable for any costs or reimburses.


Our clerks will endeavour to take professional photographs for each property inspection, however only a total of 8 photographs will be recorded within the body of the report. The report will consist of two “General View” photographs and six photographs including dilapidations/cleaning issues. These will be numbered to match the itemisation number on the left-hand side corner of the report. The rest of the photographs will be found on the second page of the report, in the respective “Photograph Link”, in the same order as the report was compiled.

Miscellaneous Items

Items deemed by our clerk to be of negligible or of no value will be purposefully excluded from the inventory report, for instance, magazines, books, telephone directories, perishables, houseplants, cleaning products etc.


MC INVENTORIES clerks are trained to recognise any damages, stains, mould, painted over defects, cracks etc. when inspecting the condition of the walls. Upon any type of Inspection, our clerk will inspect each wall individually for dilapidations such as the above.


If you wish to dispute the findings in your Check In/Check Out report, you must email with your comments and supporting photographic evidence. The original document must not be altered nor converted by the Tenant/Agent/Landlord, as each report created is the legal property of MC INVENTORIES LTD

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